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The peace caravan, with the slogan “war is enough, we want peace!" arrived to Herat on Friday after going over to the various provinces of the country for petitioning for peace and ceasefire.

The candidates’ campaign formally kicked off today for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials said.

Amid ongoing efforts to root out graft from the country, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Sunday urged the religious scholars to raise their voices against corruption.

The Ministry of Counter Narcotics continues to make great progress in combating illegal drugs with the dedicated Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) as the Law and Action Plan for Combating Drugs enters its fourth year of execution. The plan, implemented in 2016, is a four-year strategy to amplify the primary responsibilities of the ministry in order to accelerate immediate progress. The ministry has focused primarily on the eradication of poppy cultivation, dismantling illegal drug labs and investigating the cultivation, trafficking and smuggling of illegal drugs. This year, operations have increased significantly.

“Since the beginning of this year, the CNPA have conducted 3,074 operations throughout Afghanistan,” said Lieutenant General Khalil Bakhtiar, Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics. “During these operations, 3,307 people have been detained in drug-related crimes, already a 32 percent increase in arrests since last year.”

The operations resulted in 315,661 tons of drugs seized, including 22,145 tablets of the increasingly prevalent psychedelic drug K-Tab. The operations also confiscated more than 527 vehicles used for illegal activity, and 3,434 cell phones and transmitters used for criminal communication. According to Bakhtiar, counter narcotic police have destroyed 30 illegal drug labs, eight illegal drug storefronts, and seven illegal alcohol production sites. The narcotics operations also successfully destroyed three improvised explosive device factories and two Taliban command and control centers. The team also seized a Taliban ammunition cache, resulting in the confiscation of more than 317 illegal weapons, and 40,000 other various ammunition.

Drugs are a major threat to our country, and to the world. The illegal drug activity within Afghanistan is directly linked with insecurity and instability. The drug-funded war has put our citizens at risk for years. The Afghan government and security forces are committed to eradicating illegal drugs throughout Afghanistan. The people of this country are grateful for the efforts of the CNPA, and stand with all ANDSF, saying no to the production and consumption of illegal drugs.

Three days of heavy rain caused major flooding in Afghanistan’s southern and western provinces last month. The response from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) was a gift from God (Allah), as their actions were swift and life-saving. The ANDSF disaster response missions initially rescued more than 350 citizens in Kandahar. As soon as the water rose, our honorable defense forces arrived in the districts of Maiwand, Dand, Arghandab and Arghistan.

ANDSF efforts against crime in Afghanistan have proven successful over the last year. The approach taken by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has been a systematic crackdown on criminal activity, which has involved the citizens in identifying suspicious persons and illegal acts. The release of 222 wanted lists was met with great response, motivating Afghan citizens to turn in criminals.

For the first time in history, through the Lapis Lazuli land corridor, an Afghan company has begun exporting fully processed talc powder to Jordan. Prior to this achievement, there was not a facility to process the mineral and Afghanistan was exporting its total unprocessed talc stones only to neighboring countries. The Core Drillers Inc. (CDI) in Shaikh Mesri, Nangarhar has exported 76 tons of fully processed talc worth more than $20,000/1,489,000 AFG to Jordan.

Malalai Mubariz Ahmadi has opened a women’s coffee shop in Sheberghan City, Jowzjan province. The community space employs five local women and invites numerous clients throughout the day, including students and local professionals.

It is early in the morning, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, the fresh wind blow up, the people are walking on side of the road and shopkeepers are opening their shops, but Bismillah Ahmadi is busy with work.  

Air corridor between Balkh and Europe cities has been officially launched today.

The largest saffron processing center opened in Herat province. In addition to the processing and packaging of saffron, the center has created job opportunities for more than 700 women.  

A terrorist network was collapsed in the operation of the Special Forces of Police in Herat province and all its members were arrested.

Radio Bayan 88,5 FM

Radio Bayan 88,5 FM

  • A recent survey shows that people of Afghanistan asking for another peace talk to be held with Pakistan
  • ANSF operation progresses
  • Afghan National Defence and seucrity forces operation in Baghlan
  • Afghanistans national cricket team will play on a big stage with big teams next year
  • Celebrating international day against drug abuse 27 June
  • Civil Societies Federation Condemns Killing of inocent people in Kot district of Nangarhar
  • Corruption decreased to 45 in Herat Porvince this year
  • Counter human trafficking international day was marked
  • Dari General Promo of Qessa Haie Zendagi Ok
  • Local Governance of Paktia distrubuted foods and other basic needs to 2015 poor families
  • Modern Hospital Herat
  • More than 600 violence cases against women have been registered
  • New ANP commander for Kunar ask people to support him for better security
  • Pashto Qessa Haie Zendagi General Promo Ok
  • People of Kapisa province assure for farther cooperation to ANSDF
  • Success operation of ANDSF in Kapisa
  • The enemy of peace and humanity once again have targeted a tribal elder in Kunar province with a road side bomb
  • Transportation minister visits Baghlan
  • Ulemas and civil society activists support ANSDF in Balkh Povince
  • Ullama council of Kunar condemns the killing innocent people
  • insurgents have become weaken and using civilian residents as cover against ANDSF
  • people and religious scholars of Baghlan province condemn the Kabuls suicide attack on ANP

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