Sat, Oct

Security improves in the south


clearing-operationThe Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) improved security across three provinces in southern Afghanistan during a complex two-week operation that ended last month.

Commandos of the 3rd Special Operations Kandak and soldiers of the Afghan National Army’s 205th Corps planned and executed the operation with the help of local police and villagers from the Kandahar, Uruzgan, and Zabul provinces.

While clearing the area of insurgents along several districts, the ANSF found 422 improvised explosive devices and about 350 kilograms of explosive materials. Several insurgents were arrested during the operation.
“This is a victory for the people of Panjwai,” said Juma Gul, Kandahar’s Panjwai district governor. “I believe none of this success would be possible without Afghans working together to support each other. This feeling of security is a result of the efforts of the ANSF and the Afghan civilians working together.”

Commandos and local security forces in Uruzgan conducted more than 15 patrols to clear the Khod Valley and Chorah district.
In Zabul, ANA soldiers and Afghan Uniformed Police conducted several patrols and set up checkpoints along roads in the Brandkhel and Shah Hassan Khel villages to prevent insurgents from emplacing roadside bombs.
The commandos worked well with their ANSF partners, said Maj. Abdul Manan, 3rd Special Operations Kandak commander. He stated that the security forces were more effective with the help and support they received from the villagers during the operation.

“The villagers assisted the operation by telling our search teams where the Taliban had hidden their weapons,” said the commander. “We will continue to drive the Taliban out of their safe havens and encourage villagers to continue to help us.”

After the transition of security from ISAF to ANSF last July, all security operations are now led by Afghan security forces.