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Elite police unit help orphans


The Provincial Response Company distributed over 200 aid packages at the Bukhari Orphanage in Jalalabad.The smile of a young orphan was all that was needed to bring smiles to the faces of the brave men of the Nangarhar Provincial Response Company (PRC). The elite unit of the Afghan National Police brought aid packages to over 200 young boys at the Bukhari Orphanage in Jalalabad.

According to the Operations Director of the PRC, Col Zamir Gul, they brought educational material and clothing. “Our greatest pleasure is taking an active part in ensuring the well-being and security of the people; whether this is responding to natural disasters or our normal operations or donating items to children such as these, we try to help everyone,” he proudly said.

The impact of their visit and donations was immediately visible on the faces of these young boys who tragically have found themselves alone and without a family. “I received a coat, a notebook for school and new shoes,” 12-year-old Noor Zaman excitedly said. “May Almighty Allah make them successful in their duties and protect them from harm.”

Shah Wali, a shy 8-year-old, held his new volleyball tightly while chatting with the PRC officers. “I will play with my younger brother and our friends with this ball; and then I will continue my education and hope to become a soldier to serve my people like them,” as he pointed to members of the PRC.

“Coming here reminds me why I volunteered for the PRC,” said Enayatullah, a member of the unit for several years. “I will serve my people to the last drop of blood in my body; it is the duty of every Afghan to take part in bringing security and prosperity to our nation. Together with the people we will prevent any threats posed to our community.”