Wed, Oct

Unity govt idea floated by Afghans: Qanuni


Mohammad-Younus-QanooniThe strategy for a government of national unity had been devised by the Afghan government and endorsed by the global fraternity to break the electoral deadlock, the first vice-president said on Saturday.

VP Yunus Qanuni, speaking in the Wolesi Jirga, said the Afghans had discharged their national duty by participating in large numbers in first and second rounds of the presidential vote. But they were frustrated by the ensuing impasse.
A week back, presidential hopefuls Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai reached an agreement on forming a government of national unity -- thanks to hectic diplomatic efforts by the United States and the United Nations.
A flurry of meetings between US Secretary of State John Kerry, the two presidential runners, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Jan Kubis and President Hamid Karzai yielded progress in breaking the stalemate.
Qanuni told members of the lower house: “Efforts by the people and the candidates have ended the gridlock. Now the nation can see progress in the election process.” 

He identified national unity as the need of the hour, calling for confidence-building between the candidates. The VP urged the people to help efforts for unity so that a fairly-elected president took office in the near future.
“From this august house, I assure the great Afghan nation that the deal between the candidates is in the interest of the country. I expect all politicians and intelligentsia will support this strategy for strengthening unity and stability,” he remarked.
As a result of efforts by both VPs, an atmosphere of trust had been created between the candidates ahead of the announcement of the preliminary results, Qanuni claimed. But the situation worsened after the outcome was unveiled, he explained.