Tue, Sep

440 suspects held; arms cache seized


the-heroes-of-Afghanistan-1More than 440 suspects involved in insurgency have been detained by security forces over the past month, the spy service office said on Wednesday.

Abdul Hasib Siddiqui, spokesman for the National Directorate of Security (NDS), said the individuals were held by Afghan National Army (ANA), police and intelligence operatives across the country.

Three of the detainees are below 18 years of age, trained by a terrorist network before being brought to eastern Nangarhar province for carrying out suicide attacks.

Similarly, more than possible 250 bomb attacks and eight suicide attempts had been thwarted, he claimed, saying 500 suicide vests, hundreds of kilograms of explosives, weapons and ammunitions were seized.

Siddiqui said three terrorist networks were busted and suicide vests recovered in Kabul. They had plans to conduct disruptive acts on the Independence Day in the capital.

“Our drive is underway to ward off threats posed by armed rebels and other terrorist networks fuelling violence in the country,” he vowed.