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CIRDAP and Development Programs


CIRDAP-and-Development-ProgramsH.E. Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak-Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development attended in the opening ceremony of “Workshop on Horizontal Learning Process” launched at the MRRD here in Kabul.

The aforementioned two-day workshop was organized for NSP’s staff by the Afghanistan Institute for Rural Development (AIRD) and Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia & the Pacific (CIRDAP) in collaboration with National Solidarity Program (NSP). 

In his opening remarks, Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development shed-light on value of such workshops and appreciated from the presence of representatives of CIRDAP member countries in this workshop including Indonesia, Bangladesh and Islamic Republic of Iran.

Pointing out to some significant achievements have been obtained recently through NSP in Afghanistan in the area of Rural Development, Minister Barmak, said that  new guidelines and view-points of rural development experts that will be delivered in this workshop would be another important step towards realization of NSP nation-wide.

Also MRRD’s Minister said that the main reason beyond the success of NSP is presence of cadres, the use of successful experiences of Indonesia, which has been experienced for the first time in that country and the generous cooperation of rural population. Likewise, he wished further cooperation of CIRDAP with MRRD national programmes.

Then, representatives of Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia & the Pacific (CIRDAP) shared their experiences with the participants of the workshop.

It is has to be noted that another Seminar under the theme of “Seminar on SME Development in Afghanistan” was also organized by CIRDAP and AIRD in collaboration with Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) of the MRRD.

The Seminar started its work after the opening remarks delivered by Mr. Mohammad Tariq Ismati, Deputy Minister for the Programmes of the MRRD.

During his speech Mr. Ismati appreciated from the cooperation and scientific guidelines and instructions of CIRDAP members. As well as Mr. Ismati highlighted the achievements of Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program to date.

At the last part of his opening remarks he emphasized on organizing of such workshops and Seminars in the future that paves the ground for the participants to change their view-points and lessons learnt.