Wed, Oct

Interest of local authorities to SCA schools


SCAThe Director of Provincial Education Department  of Paktika has committed to suggest Ministry of Education for upgrading Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s (SCA) Noorania Girls Annex School to the status of a formal public school. Noorania Girls Annex is a female Community Based School and has been supported by SCA since 2002.

Noorania School is located in Paktika Province and provides education opportunities to 156 girls from grade one to grade six.

As the result of Education Program’s field staff efforts in Ghazni Project Office to strengthen the role of local education authorities in monitoring and supervision of SCA supported schools, the Provincial Education Director of Paktika visited this school for the second time with his deputy.

In this visit the Director of Provincial Education Department found that all provided materials by PED was used effectively, therefore he appreciated all endeavors of Noorania School’s teachers and promised to suggest for upgrading this Community Based School as a Public School.

During the first visit Director of Provincial Education Department was amazed by calligraphies and paintings of students hanging on school walls, and he praised Noorania School’s students with 800 drawing and writing notebooks and some other gifts.