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Ahmadzai gets winner certificate from IEC


Ashraf-Ghanis-recieved-certificate-from-IECPresident-elect Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Friday received a certificate of winning the vote from the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in Kabul.

IEC Chairman Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani, awarding the certificate to Ahmadzai at a ceremony, said the ex-World Bank economist had been elected as new president by a majority vote.
With regard to vote rigging, Nuristani said: "The Afghan people should know that election workers alone were not involved in fraud. The two campaigns also committed anomalies."
Some election workers were complicit in the irregularities, he admitted, arguing fraud could not be prevented as long as exact number of voters in each polling station was not ascertained.
The audit of 100 percent of votes cast in the second round had been unprecedented in the world, he said, explaining that the exercise featured 500 international observers and 120 UN experts.
Ahmadzai told the participants the deal on the government of national unity had helped create an atmosphere of trust and confidence. He said: “The first-ever peaceful power transfer is a great victory for the people of Afghanistan.”
He praised President Karzai for his many years of service to the nation. “President Karzai has always been my guide,” he said, identifying electoral reforms as one of his priorities.
“Investment in the two electoral bodies (IEC and IECC) will top my agenda. I disown every bogus vote and won’t defend it,” Ahmadzai remarked, saying he had predicted his electoral landslide a year ago.
He also hailed Ahmad Zia Massoud, who had been promised an executive post, as a national character. He said Masood would be one of those who would decide the future of Afghanistan.
Ahmadzai’s choices for vice-presidents and members of his campaign team participate in the ceremony.  The president-elect will be sworn in on Monday.