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Abdullah denies rift with Ghani over Cabinet


Dr-Abdullah-abdullahChief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday said the national unity government would support the Afghan forces, which he said had the ability to frustrate enemy designs.

Speaking at the Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim University in Kabul, Abdullah said the Afghan Army was capable enough to defend the country from its enemies but the troops needed more training and equipment.
“I am sure the Afghans can preserve their country’s independence at the cost of their lives and they support their army, which is the pride of the country,” he said.
Speaking to Afghan forces, Abdullah said the national security forces should keep close liaison with the masses to further gain their support.
“Afghan national security forces are swords for domestic and foreign enemies and the national unity government will further support them for their improvement,” Abdullah said.
He also announced that the new cabinet would be created soon and its members would try to solve people’s problems and serve the nation with full zeal.
Abdullah also denied differences with President Ashraf Ghani over the formation of the new Cabinet, saying the Cabinet formation needed more attention and consultations that was why it had been delayed.
Soon after being sworn-in last month, President Ghani promised to form the new cabinet within 45 days, a deadline that has already ended, but the Cabinet members are yet to be named.
The president had also said he was in no hurry to form the new Cabinet, which he said needed time and utmost care in selection of professional individuals.