Wed, Oct

Abdullah warns acting officials against lethargy


Dr-Abdullah-Abdullah-1Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah on Monday asked acting ministers and governors to effectively perform their duty and warned them against committing negligence.

Talking to tribal elders from northern Samangan province in Kabul, Abdullah said the president, the acting ministers, governors and all government officials were answerable to the masses.

Though in acting capacity, he said, the ministers and governors should preserve the government’s trust in them by discharging their duties effectively.

However, under the law, acting officials have no right to perform duties beyond a month’s time, a deadline expired 20 days ago.

Lawmakers have called for an early formation of the new Cabinet, saying the issue of acting officials has been creating problems and insecurity.

After being sworn-in on Sept. 29, President Ghani said he would complete and announce the new Cabinet in 45 days for a vote of confidence from the Parliament.

At today’s meeting with Samangan elders, Abdullah once again insisted on electoral reforms, saying solid steps would be taken in this regard.

He said the unity government’s agreement would be implemented because it was in the interest of the people and the country.  Abdullah said implementation of the unity government accord would help the regime gain people’s trust and support.

He said Afghanistan needed a system that represented all Afghans and protect the country’s wealth from being spoiled and lost to corruption.