Thu, Oct

President to push for reliable administration


president-ghani-consider-Kunduz-securityPresident Ashraf Ghani has said efforts are being made to establish a reliable and efficient administration for introducing fundamental reforms over the next five years.

The president was talking to tribal elders and religious scholars from central Uruzgan province in Salam Khana Palace on Thursday evening, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.
The elders shared their problems with the president, urging his administration to take practical steps toward meeting what they called long standing demands. 
“We cannot fully resolve all problems within a month or a year, but our effort is to setup a competent administration that can bring fundamental changes within five years.”
Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah took oath of office on Sept. 29, but their unity government has so far been unable to overcome differences over the selection of Cabinet members.
Abdullah has recently denied any rift with Ghani over the Cabinet formation, saying eligible and experienced persons would be named as ministers.
Addressing the elders from Uruzgan at the formerly state palace, Ghani urged them to continue sharing problems within him in province so that his administration could take proper action.
Meanwhile, members of the administrative boards of both houses of parliament called on President Ghani at his office.
Keeping in view problems and development of the country, the president underlined close coordination between government and parliament.
He would continue meeting parliament members on issues of national importance to remove hurdles, the president promised.