Wed, Sep

New cabinet to be named soon: Abdullah



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Abdullah Abdullah promised on Wednesday new Cabinet members before the end of the timeframe given by President Ashraf Ghani.

Reforms would be introduced in all key state institutions, including the electoral system, he said, calling good governance a top priority for the national unity government.Soon after his inauguration more than two months ago, Ghani had said a new Council of Ministers involving professional and committed individuals would be unveiled.At the London Conference on Afghanistan on Dec. 7, the president assured world leaders the cabinet picks would be nominate in three to four weeks. The promise has not been honoured so far.At a news conference in Kabul, the CEO said the presidential commitment would be honoured and all members of the cabinet would be introduced to the Parliament before expiry of the timeframe.The Parliament has repeatedly criticised the delay in announcing the cabinet and referring ministers-designate to lawmakers for trust vote. The delay has been contributing to insecurity, MPs claim.Abdullah assured the masses would soon know their new ministers, who would be honest and patriotic individuals. The long wait in this regard would end soon, he reiterated. The ex-foreign minister argued that the cabinet nomination process demanded consultations and time.While stressing the need for reforms, he said the most important issue for the national unity government was to clean up the entire system of the country. Since people had accepted elections as a way of determining their destiny, he stressed, their vote must be respected."We remain commitment to introducing reforms. There will be no neglect in this regard and our electoral system will be cleaned up," the CEO maintained.