Thu, Oct

Durrani pledges end to rural-urban divide


eng-nasir-ahmad-duranicabinet nominee to head the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) on Wednesday told lawmakers his priority would be overcoming the gap between cities and villages in terms of facilities, if he was granted a trust vote.

The Presidential Palace on Tuesday introduced 24 ministers-designate and nominees for the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) to the Parliament for a vote of confidence.

Some of the nominees on Wednesday unveiled their future plans and others would follow suit tomorrow and on Saturday.Eng. Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the pick to head the MRRD, briefed lawmakers about his future programmes. He said developing rural economy, reducing the distinction between villages and cities, the risks from national disasters and standardising rural development projects would remain his priorities.

He said, if endorsed, he planned to bring tangible improvement to the living standard of residents of rural areas by converting their consumer culture into an independent producer.

A team of experts would be formed to study various projects and their impact on rural life such as employment, increase in income and other social and economic impacts, he continued.

Investment in villages, creating markets for local products, construction of roads, bridges and small hydropower dams would be part of his job, he added.

On countering corruption, the nominee said he would introduce a culture of professionalism and a strong oversight of contracts, which would be awarded only to those companies having good background, technical and financial ability.

He assured lawmakers of his accountability, if endorsed.