Thu, Oct

148 criminals, two militants arrested in Kabul


moi-dKabul police on Sunday claimed arresting two suspected militants and nearly 150 criminals in the central capital.

Addressing a news conference on Sunday, Kabul police chief Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi said the militants had confessed to their involvement in rebel activities.

The militants were armed and during primary interrogations, pleaded guilty, Rahimi said, adding they were behind planting landmines and attacking foreign and Afghan security forces.

One of the militants planned to target security forces on the Airport Road. Niaz Wali, the detainee, told reporters he planned to kill foreigners when arrested.

The police chief said the second detainee had killed a traffic police official two days back in Kabul.

“After Karzai’s tenure, I returned from Quetta. Later, foreign forces killed my family and, therefore, I started the jihad,” he informed journalists.

Their teams in Paktika, Paktia, Ghazni and Kabul and conducted several attacks, killing seven foreigners. He claimed destroying three tanks of foreign forces.

During the past two weeks, 147 individuals were arrested in 48 different cases in Kabul, Rahimi said, adding 10 suspects were held in connection with murder and robbery.

As many as 22 AK47s, 14 pistols and other communication were seized from the suspects.