Wed, Oct

Police Chiefs Gather to Discuss Spring Fighting, Key Issues


ANP-with-riflesAs the spring fighting season nears, police chiefs from all over the country gathered in Kabul to attend a three-day key security seminar aimed at examining and discussing key security issues including the possible threats in the coming season, which usually begins in April or May.

The opening day of the seminar was attended by high-profile officials and dignitaries including CEO Abdullah Abdullah, the Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Ulumi and his senior Deputy Gen. Moh

ammad Ayoub Salangi, the acting Defense Minister Enayatullah Nazari, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief Rahmatullah Nabil and the Commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan Gen. John F. Campbell.

Stressing the need for public support for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), Abdullah urged the seminar attendees to consider the facts shared in this important meeting.

"The people of Afghanistan want security and peace," Abdullah said, asking the ANSF, "to improve the trust of the people."

"National unity government is determined to move forward with national reconciliation process, but this process must be shared with the people of Afghanistan with full transparency in order to protect the prides and achievements of the Afghan people," Abdullah said. "We strongly value the cooperation of other countries with the restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, but no one would be allowed the right to veto sovereignty of Afghanistan's foreign policy and its international relations."

Ulumi, who won a vote of confidence from the Parliament last month as the interior minister, urged the police must be separated from politics.

"No other interests are acceptable anymore that affect police efficiency," Ulumi said, stressing the need for more female presence in the police ranks.

The third person to deliver his speech was acting Defense Minister Nazari who called on improved coordination between the security agencies. He noted the ANSF had the ability to confront the armed insurgents. Despite the end of the NATO combat mission in the country, Gen. Campbell stated at the event that they would keep supporting Afghanistan for "many many more years." "Without your enthusiasm and diligence, the people will suffer at the provincial level," Campbell said, urging the ANSF to focus on "training, shooting and communicating." Meanwhile, Gen. Salangi assured that the security forces would not allow the insurgents to take control of any areas of the country. "Our forces will fight until the last drop of their blood," Salangi said, noting that the security forces were in war against, roughly, 40,000 Taliban fighters.