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Afghanistan Wins Gold Medal for First Time in Zoorkhaneh World Cup


zurkhanai-azad-gold-28-feb-151Afghan Zoorkhaneh athlete Mohammad Azad returned to Afghanistan with the country's first gold medal in the fourth Zoorkhaneh World Cup held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

In the 80kg group, Azad beat his rivals from Azerbaijan, Kenya and Turkey bringing home the gold. "I was prepping for the competition for the past three months," Azad said. "My preparation was the reason I was able to beat my rivals and win a gold medal."

Fellow Zoorkhaneh teammate Mustafa Nuristani placed third with a bronze medal after winning two competitions and losing one.

"There were 20 countries in the competition," Nuristani said. "Most of these countries haven't even one a single medal, but fortunately Afghanistan was able to bring home medals."

Overall in the Zoorkhaneh World Cup, the Afghan athletes won one gold and eight bronze medals. The reigning champions were Iran, with Azerbaijan in second and Afghanistan and Tajikistan tied for third.