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20,000 more Khost girls to attend school


khost-school-girlsAs many as 20,000 more girls would be enrolled in school in southeastern Khost province this academic year, the education director said on Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Eng. Bakht Noor Bakhtiar said awareness programmes - led by tribal elders and religious leaders - had encouraged families to send their daughters to school.

His department planned to enroll 60,000 new students, including 20,000 girls, in schools this solar year, he said.

“Currently 100,000 girls are attending school and their number will be increased to 120,000 after more girls are enrolled,” the director said.

He said all 72 girls’ schools, including primary, middle and high, were operational in Khost City and districts.

A multi-sections institute was also available for female students in Khost City, where currently 30 students were registered, Bakhtiar added.

The education department has also been planning to open primary education centers this year for girls who had been deprived of education.

The director said his department had many achievements regarding girls’ education last solar year that ended on March 21. “Nearly 10,000 illiterate women received education courses launched by UNESCO last year,” he added.

Education officials say currently 400 schools, including 70 which have new buildings, are open in Khost City and districts. Nearly 360,000 boys and girls attend schools in Khost.