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MoPH minister inaugurated new building for pediatric ward of Mehtarlam hospital


SCASwedish Committee for Afghanistan built a second floor of the pediatric ward of Mehtarlam Provincial Hospital’s building to provide more facilities for hospitalized children and their parents. This project was implemented with more than 3,000 000 Afs by Post code lottery.

Now, the limitation for space between beds are decreased. Norms are considered, and children are treated in well-equipped rooms, where health and safety of children are also taken in consideration.

In 2014, the number of beds in pediatric ward of Mehtarlam hospital was increased from 40 to 70, the building was lacking space for additional beds, therefore three to four children forced to share one bed. The hospital was also lacking space for care takers.

On 29th March 2015, Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from Laghman province, visited Mehterlam Provincial Hospital and inaugurated the newly constructed pediatrics ward, Pharmacy stock, family quarter and drinking water well. All that was completed recently by SCA.

During inauguration event he appreciated SCA for prolonged and continuous support to the people of Afghanistan in different sectors especially in health sector; as he visited different departments of Mehterlam Provincial Hospital he was satisfied with the services offered in the hospital, also he expressed his content for SCA health care services that is providing on Kabul-Jalalabad Highway for road side traffic trauma emergency cases.

Mehterlam Provincial hospital is the only health facility that provides secondary health care services to Laghman community with the capacity of 150 beds, there is no other governmental and private hospital in the province. Mehterlam Provincial Hospital has four major departments such as Pediatrics, Gyn/Obs, Surgery and Internal Medicine departments.