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New firefighting trucks for the Fire Department


new-fire-trucks-1The Afghan firefighter’s capability boosted by receiving 54 new fire trucks. In a recent ceremony, the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A) handed over the new firefighting trucks that cost $40 million to the General Director of Disaster and Fire Department in the Ministry of Interior.

Major General Mahboob Amiri, head of the Disaster and Fire Department thanked the international community for their generosity. “These trucks provide capacity to the country’s needs and will be deployed to Kabul and 34 other province’s fire departments,” he said. “Our firefighters are now trained and equipped to deal with accidents and natural disasters.”

Gen. Amiri added that fire stations and firefighters in the main cities, airports and borders are serving round the clock. They are on duty for rescuing people and their property from disasters.

Personnel training and capacity building are top priorities of the department. According to Gen. Amiri, individuals that pass a preliminary test will receive six, nine and twelve month’s vocational training by local and international trainers. “With the assistance of CSTC-A, we expect to expand our training program further.”

Present at the ceremony, the Deputy of the Ministry of Interior, Gen. Mohammad Ayub Salangi, thanked the donor countries. “I want the Disaster and Fire Department to take good care of all the vehicles. They are very helpful equipment. ”

The fire trucks are suitable for the Afghan climate and local terrain. In the harsh Afghan winters, their pump and hose system does not freeze, and all trucks have enough space to place necessary fire and rescue equipment. In addition, they have large cabins sufficient for the entire team accompanying the vehicles.