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Afghan Religious Scholars Endorse Mecca's Condemnation of Taliban, Daesh


clericsA number religious scholars in Kabul this week expressed support for recent statements made by clerics in the holy city of Mecca, condemning Daesh and the Taliban as deviants from Islam and calling on all true Muslims to stand against them.

The Afghan religious scholars said Mecca cleric Sheikh Khaled Al-Ghamedi's public condemnation of the Taliban is a major blow to the militant group's claim to legitimacy. Al-Ghamedi had said that both Daesh and Taliban have killed people in the name of Islam, but in fact have no connection to the true religion.

The Afghan scholars spoke while gathered in the Abdul Rahman mosque on Thursday in Kabul. "We have all gathered here to support our government and the recent statements of Sheikh Khaled Al-Ghamedi," Kabul Islamic Scholars representative Attaullah Faizani said. "Islamic scholars must always speak the truth, wherever they are," he added.

Another scholar, Mawlawi Sahebudin, stressed that the militant groups in Afghanistan have proven themselves untrustworthy and dishonest. "As soon as we made peace, anti-government armed groups beheaded us from behind; today, our youth are working for peace, and they are being beheaded by these people," he said.

While they expressed support for the Afghan security forces, the Mullahs gathered on Thursday focused their energy more on condemning and exposing insurgents' claims of religious piety and service as fraudulent.

"A true Islamic scholar would never do this, people who take advantage of Islam and do not have any understanding of the foundations of Islam do it - those who just wear the clothes of a religious scholar," Islamic scholar Muhammad Yaqub said regarding the Taliban.