Wed, Oct

President seeks report on poverty situation


president-Ghani-4President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday directed the Ministry of Economy to come up with a comprehensive report on the poverty situation in the country.

The president was talking to Economy Minister Abdul Sattar Murad who called on him along with other officials to evaluate the ministry’s first 100 days performance, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.

The president stressed that the ministry’s plans should be clear, pragmatic and not repetitive. He added one of the main tasks should be differentiating responsibilities of the departments. “The Ministry of Economy should have a clear analysis of the poverty situation of all provinces and should take lead of this vital responsibility,” Ghani said.

He said in the initial stage a complete economic profile of main provinces should be prepared in coordination with other organs that have already started their activities.

He flagged the importance of evaluating the performance of domestic and international NGOs, conducting the national conference on non-governmental organisations and their registration.

The officials were also directed to take up evaluating major projects, framing prudent economic policies and other economic studies during their second and third 100-day performances.