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Celebrating International Day of Families in Kabul


family-international-dayThe International Day of Families, held annually on May 15, brings people together around the world in celebration of families. In Kabul, on Friday, many families gathered in Qargha for picnics.

The International Day of Families was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 with resolution that reflected on the significance the world community attaches to the role of families in society. The idea behind the day is to build awareness of issues facing to families and the social, economic and demographic realities they are wrapped up in.

TOLOnews correspondent Syed Tariq Majdi visited Qargha on Friday to speak with people gathered for picnics with their relatives. "Today, we came here to celebrate this day in a peaceful environment," a Kabul resident named Rozat said.

"Many families have gathered here today, and I accompanied my parents," another resident named Sunatollah said.

Yet, in Afghanistan, any day of celebration is inevitably backdropped by the ongoing realities of war, political instability and economic hardship impacting people across the country every day. "On this day, we pray that sustainable peace is restored in our country, so that every citizen can visit every part of the country," Kabul resident Munawwar told TOLOnews.

Moreover, in Afghanistan, poverty, illiteracy and outdated social customs are constantly undermining the growth and prosperity of families, most commonly in the form of female members being denied their basic human rights.