Tue, Oct

Olomi Signs Security, Anti-Drug Agreement With China


noor-ul-haq-ulomi-moi-ministerAfghanistan's Minister of Interior Noorulhaq Olomi said on Sunday that he had agreed to a closer working relationship with China during his first official visit to the country earlier in the week.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, Olomi said he had met with officials and together they had signed a bi-lateral agreement to expand cooperation in the fight against terrorism and drug smuggling.

China's top security official Meng Jianzhu also vowed to boost cooperation with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism and drugs, state media agency Xinhua reported.

Olomi said the forging of ties would also see tightened working commitment between the two countries in border security. Afghanistan and China share a common border in the northern part of the country.

He went on to say that China has agreed to help provide Afghanistan with equipment to help detect and neutralize roadside mines and prove metal detecting equipment for border gates.

"It was a very good trip for us. The provision of equipment by China will be very effective for us," he said adding that China has also offered scholarship opportunities to Afghan servicemen.

Olomi said at the press conference that terrorism was a global threat, as well as a regional threat. He said that preventing the spread of insecurity in the region needs to be tackled jointly by Afghanistan and other regional countries.

"Terrorism is a global problem. This does not mean that it is only a threat for Afghanistan. If Afghanistan is insecure, it can result in insecurity in other countries as well. All the countries must pay attention to this issue," says Olomi.

He went on to say he visited military training centers and arms producing companies while in China.