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Our soil won’t be used against anyone: Gen. Murad


gen-murad-ali-muradGen. Murad Ali Murad, Afghanistan’s deputy army chief, on Wednesday reiterated Afghanistan would never allow its soil to be used against neighboring or regional countries.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of 900 commandos in Kabul, the general said those responsible for glaring war crimes in Afghanistan and the region should be identified. “The international community should know what the war criminals have done to Afghanistan.

And they could do the same if they get the chance,” he warned. The war on terror, he recalled started back in 2001 and was still not over.

The fight to eliminate the terror should reach to the hideouts of terrorists, he remarked.

“We have urged the global community not to call Afghanistan a safe haven for terrorists. Afghans have their own history and will never allow anybody to rise up from Afghanistan and pose a threat to world.

But everyone should shoulder their responsibility in this fight,” he reminded. In 2014, he added, the enemies faced with heavy defeats and their new “Azm” operation has yielded nothing but defeat and bad name for them.

He added conflict was ongoing in all provinces and security forces had eliminated many terrorists’ sanctuaries.

He asked international forces to further strengthen Afghan army in order to flush out remnants of terrorists.