Thu, Oct

President Participates in Cleaning Drive on World Environment Day


president-ghani-celebrate-environoment-dayPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani celebrated World Environment Day this morning by participating in a cleaning drive in downtown, Kabul. Dressed in orange uniform of Municipality workers, the President worked along side Kabuli youth, members of civil society and other Kabul Municipality employees.

The President thanked the municipality workers, civil society activists and youth volunteers who had gathered opposite Pamir Cinema in downtown Kabul on the occasion of the World Environment Day. Praising their spirit of civic and communal work, the President said:

“Our lives are not separate. Unless we treat our streets, our cities and our country as our own, we can’t remain comfortable in our houses.” The President added that the government, civil society and people should give a hand to each other in order to keep the environment and city clean. He added: “People have not only rights but also obligations. We should fulfill our obligations as well.” The President especially thanked the Municipality workers for their hard work and good service.

A representative of Rangin Kaman, a civic environmental group that had also participated in the group work, thanked the President for his care and support. He said: ‘we are proud to have such a responsive and caring president.’