Thu, Oct

Salaries, privileges of security personnel being increased


president-ghani-6Praising security forces, President Ashraf Ghani on Monday recommended that privileges and salaries of security personnel engaged in operations should be increased.

The president said this while holding a video conference with senior military and civil officials at the Tawhid Centre, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.

The president was joined by his national security advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) chief Ghulam Jilani Popal and the Administrative Office head Abdul Salam Rahimi.

Others present with the president included NATO’s Resolute Support Mission commander, ministries of interior, defence and the spy service officials.

The president spoke to the 201 Selab Military Corps commander and military and civil leaders in Nangarhar province, the governor of Nuristan, the commander of the 215 Maiwand Military Corps in Helmand and civil and military officials of central Maidan Warak province.

First Maidan Wardak governor Hayatullah Hayat briefed the president about his measures to prevent the newly-erupted conflict between Kuchi and Hazara tribes in the Behsud-1 district.

President Ghani issued necessary directives aimed at ending and preventing the conflict between the two tribes.

Few days ago, the two tribes clashed in the Behsud-1 district, leaving two persons from each side dead. Later the Hazara gunmen abducted five Kuchi tribesmen who visited the district bazaar.

“Hostage-taking culture is intolerable. The commission which has been tasked in this regard should carry out its fundamental job as soon as possible,” the president said.

As the video conference continued, the 201 Selab Military Corps commander briefed the president about the security situation in eastern Nuristan, Nangarhar and Kunar provinces presented a report about ongoing security operations against militants.

The National Directorate of Security chief presented reports about the regrouping of the enemy forces in Nangarhar and measures to thwart their plans and plots.

In another part of the conference, the 215 Maiwand Military Corps commander in Helmand, Gen. Dadan Lowang, presented his report about the security situation and operations against militants in northern parts of the province.

After listening to these reports, the president directed the ministries of finance, interior and defence to increase privileges and salaries of security personnel engaged in operations.

He asked officials, particularly military commanders, to honestly inform him about problems and demands of security personnel.

The president once again said the heirs of fallen soldiers should be assisted and the injured facilitated in their treatment.