Tue, Oct

President Ghani Chairs Meeting on Distribution Process of Electronic ID Cards


president-ghani-in-meetingPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired this morning a meeting to assess the distribution process of electronic identification cards.

In the meeting that took place in ARG, the two committees assigned to work on the management and technical aspects of the distribution process of electronic ID cards, presented their working report to the President. The report included the committees’ ideas and suggestions on the challenges and opportunities ahead as well as possible options concerning the distribution process of electronic ID cards.

Discussions took place surrounding a pilot distribution schedule, needs assessment, information and data safety as well as possible locations of distribution centers.

President Ghani stated that the legal experts of the management and technical committees work on the legal framework of the distribution process and determine the type of decree required for launching the process.

The President also called for creation of a specific program for the distribution process and asked both committees to include the challenges and solutions in their reports as well.

Stressing the importance of the system’s sustainability, the President said that there is need for a consensus on the technical aspect of the distribution process.

President Ghani said that it is up to the cabinet to decide on the contents of electronic identification cards and instructed the committees to present their final plan for the distribution process to the cabinet.