Sat, Oct

Ghani in Khost: Next Talks with Taliban in Three Weeks


President Ashraf Ghani visited eastern Khost province on Wednesday to meet with the families of victims of Sunday's deadly suicide bombing that left 27 civilians dead, including women and children.

During his visit Ghani highlighted the importance of recent talks with the Taliban in Pakistan, and said the next round of talks would likely take place in 15 days or within a maximum of three weeks.

"Peace is the desire of all people," Ghani said, calling the recent talks a great achievement over the past decade. "We tried for 14 years to have peace negotiations started but we failed."

Calling the Taliban brothers, as has former president Hamid Karzai, Ghani urged that Taliban's demands and their concerns must be listed in the next talks.

"We wanted to have a list of issues that our brothers have," Ghani said. "Taliban are Afghans they are not foreigners. They should bring us their written concerns because there isn't any issue in the world that is not possible to be resolved by dialogue. This issue can't be concluded with war."

Recently, a delegation of Afghan officials visited Islamabad where they held the first ever formal talks with the Taliban.

Mullah Yahya, a member of Haqqani network, Latif Mansoor from Taliban's Quetta Shura and Abbas Akhund, representing Taliban's Qatar group, were the key negotiators for the Taliban, an Afghan delegation member told TOLOnews.

The delegation, which recently returned from what they called a productive discussion with Taliban and Haqqani members in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, told media last Tuesday that they gained significant achievements.