Tue, Oct

Kabul Police Thwart Terror Attack


bomber-arested-in-kabulA man attempting to enter the capital with a car full of explosives was arrested by Kabul police on Thursday, according to Kabul Police Chief General Abdrul Rahman Rahimi.

"The man was trying to transfer the explosives inside Kabul city and conduct the attack," Rahimi said. "Fortunately, the security forces foiled the attempt."

The culprit was said to be entering Kabul through the Maidan gate near Arghande square when the police detected the explosives and apprehended him.

"The terrorist had placed the explosives very professionally and was seeking to detonate the car in Kabul," Rahimi added.

According to the police chief, over just the past few days, Kabul police have detained at least 113 individuals on various criminal charges, including murder, robbery and the selling of recently outlawed toy guns.