Wed, Oct

Mechanism on international pledges being evolved


Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi on Monday said the unity government was working on a mechanism to implement pledges it made with the international community at the recent Senior Officials Meeting (SOM).

The minister was addressing a joint press conference with the United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan Nicholas Haysom.
Hakimi said the Afghan government had received a positive response from international partners on it promises made in the earlier summits.

He said during the earlier summits, the global community had assured the Afghan government of their complete support in civil and security departments.
“We agreed to develop a mechanism for execution of multilateral promises agreed upon at the recent conferences. The framework will determine execution of activities in its due course of time,” Hakimi.
He added a draft in this regard would be presented to the Cabinet on Wednesday for approval after which its implementation would kick start.

The UN chief in his remarks termed the recent summits as successful and asked the international community to continue its support for Afghanistan.
He said the conferences were a bridge between earlier commitments and future pledges and played a coordinated role in which the global community refreshed their assurances regarding assisting Afghanistan.
He said the government of Afghanistan should bring necessary reforms to the government structure and get prepared for the Brussels conference next year.

Razqa Yaftali, a civil society activist, said Afghanistan needed a long and short term security policy to be able to thwart internal, external and regional threats.
She demanded the dissolution of the current High Peace Council (HPC) and suggested that intellectuals and experts should be tasked with negotiating peace with the Taliban.