Wed, Oct

Donor Meeting held at the MRRD


donor-meeting-in-mrrdMeeting of key donors for the developmental programmes of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development was held today in the conference hall of the MRRD in the presence of H.E. Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani.

The representatives of key donors including JICA, UNICEF, World Bank, European Union, Embassies of Japan, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom and Country Director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) were attended this meeting.

 At the beginning, H.E. Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development presented necessary information about the successful implementation of 100-day action plan, expenditure of budget, consolidation of support functions, capacity building, change management process and Citizen’s Charter.

“The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development beliefs on transparency, the MRRD is accountable against the cooperation made by the donors for improving living standards of rural communities.” Minister Durrani said. “The messages we have been received from communities are optimistic. The developmental activities have been geared in a transparent partnership with the donors; I appreciate the cooperation made so far by the donors, I hope the donors will continue their technical and financial support from the new programs of the MRRD as well.”

Then, Deputy Minister for the Programmes of the MRRD, Mr. Ahmad Shahir Shahriar, described in detail the activities and achievements of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development made since February 2015. He also outlined the aspects of two new programs under the name of Afghanistan Sustainable Energy for Rural Development (ASERD) and Local Economic Development Afghanistan (LEDA) and requested from the donors to provide support from these new programs.

At the same time, Mr. Rahmatullah Quraishi, Executive Director of Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) highlighted the remarkable achievements of this program and shared the information and impact of rural enterprise development on rural women found in a study paper recently.

At the end of the meeting, several donors commended the developmental activities of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and raised their questions about the new programs and plans of the MRRD, which responded by H.E. Minister Durrani and Deputy Minister for Programmes.