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Kabul Woman Earns Alone For Daughter's Education



A courageous Afghan widow earns livelihood alone in one of Kabul streets in a bid to survive and also meet the educational expenses of her only daughter.

Rahela comes out of her home every morning along with her cart to sell Bolani – a traditional Afghan fast-food which is a flat-bread stuffed usually with potatoes and leek.The brave woman says she makes approximately $3 dollars a day and most of her customers are students.The cart she is carrying, Rahela said, was gifted by a Member of Parliament."I pay my home rent through selling these Bolanis," said Rahela, who was working at a hospital as a cleaner before starting her own business.Her daughter Roeina, who is in Grade 6, wants to study economics in future. She was only one and half-years-old when her father died."I work five hours a day with my mother before going to school," said Roeina.