Tue, Oct

Weapons, Explosives Seized in Kabul Operations: Rahimi


ammunation-siezedKabul police on Wednesday reported they had seized a large amount of arms and explosives in operations in Kabul over the past three months.

Police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said at a press conference that police had seized the weapons and explosives - of which were intended to be used by insurgents in the capital.

He said the deputy head of an insurgent group was also arrested in the city.

Rahimi said: "If we had not seized these arms and explosives imagine what would have happened to innocent people in Kabul."

He went on to say police investigations are underway to arrest insurgent groups earmarked to have used these arms.

According to him, the weapons and explosives had been well hidden in cars and in homes when found. In addition to the weapons and explosives seized, ammonium nitrate was also found. This is used to make explosives.

Rahimi said the insurgent leader Qari Khairullah who was arrested is from Paktia province and was responsible for making mines and IEDs.In addition he said they have arrested two people for the recent theft of three million Afs from the owner of a private company. The two accused had also allegedly threatened to kill the company owner.

Rahimi said: "These two men attacked the owner of a private company when he was leaving a bank. They stole his money and tried to kidnap him."