Wed, Oct

Necessary Facilities for Rural People


retaining-wallsThe eight sub projects completed in seven villages of Aqcha, Khaniqa, Khwaja Du Koh, Mardyan and Qarqin districts of Jowzjan province will enable approximately 18,22 rural families to have access to basic services.

These projects include: construction of two social centers, nine water distributors, retaining wall 273 meters in length, culverts, extension of water supply network 4281 meters in length along with water reservoir, extension of electricity line 1,430 meters in length and excavation of 20 deep and semi-deep safe drinking water wells.

The projects have been completed through the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) at a cost of more than AFN 16 million and 242 thousand.  The communities have also given a 10% contribution towards the finalization of these projects.