Tue, Oct

1,700 Officers Graduate from Military Academy in Kabul


Afghan female officersAt least 1,700 officers, including 16 female officers, graduated from the National Military Academy of Afghanistan in Kabul on Sunday.

Officials from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that these newly graduated officers will be helpful in the fight against militants. They urged the officers to fight against insurgents with a strong resolve. "You are well trained. The enemy wants to destroy public facilities and it is your duty not to let them do this," said Gul Nabi Ahmadzai, head of the education department at the Ministry of Defense, while addressing the graduates. The 1,700 officers - during the three-month course - received military training and learned how to use light weapons. The newly graduated officers called on the Taliban to join the peace process, or be suppressed. "I call on militants to join the peace process, or we will eliminate them," said Sayed Ebrahim, a newly graduated army officer. Ebrahim said that they will fight insurgents. The 16 female officers are expected to be appointed in administrative positions within the national army. The female officers encouraged other women to join the army. "I call on people to allow their daughters to join the Afghan National Army (ANA) and I urge girls to join the ANA," said Ruqa, a newly graduated army officer.