Tue, Oct

Afghan-Pak Lawmakers Discuss Building Trust Between Kabul, Islamabad


afghanistan-pakistanAn Afghan delegation led by Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi visited a number of Pakistani lawmakers where they talked about distrust between the two countries and ways to overcome this problem.

Both sides stressed the need to increase the trust environment between the two countries and to have some control over the views of media about relations between the two nations.
Ibrahimi said the real enemy should be identified as it creates a gap in relations between the neighbors through negative propaganda.
He said Afghan-Pakistan relations are critical for the region.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of Pakistan National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee, Awais Leghari, said distrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan is serving the interest of the forces opposed to peace in the region.
He suggested increased media cooperation. \