Thu, Oct

Police Rescue Two Kidnapped Children In Kabul


Kabul Police rescued two kidnapped children during a special operation on Thursday in Kabul.

The operation was carried out in Kotal-e-Khairkhana area of Kabul city to rescue Bahram and Baktash, two children who were kidnapped around one month ago.

Two men and a woman were arrested in connection with the kidnappings. 

Kabul Police Chief, Abdul Rahman Rahimi, said that they will arrest all the kidnappers.

"When we were rescuing the child, we saw another child named Baktash was also there. Baktash says that he was brought from Mazar-e-Sharif. We are now trying to find the child's relatives," he added.

Telling of how he was grabbed, Bahram said: "They put potatoes on the ground in front of our house. My brother went to get a plastic bag to put the potatoes in. They [the kidnappers] came and put me in a white car and brought me here."

Meanwhile, his father, Wasi, said that he is a car dealer and the kidnappers had demanded a ransom of $1.5 million USD for his son.

"I was ready to pay them $70,000 to 80,000 USD, but they didn't accept that and I didn't have $1.5 million USD," he added.

Kabul police say that the crime rate has considerably dropped in the city but they urge people to cooperate with police.