Wed, Oct

Afghanistan Prepares Gas Development Master Plan



Afghanistan is currently working on a gas development master plan that will enhance the gas sector in the country.

According to the Asian Development Bank, the master plan would cover a 20-year horizon (2015-2035) and would entail elements relating to gas demand and supply outlooks and scenarios; development of market assessments and netback analysis; review current policies and plans in context of gas development; assessment of the financial requirements and needs; evaluation of pricing options for various segments via domestic sales and transit/exports; develop a planning model and train Ministry of Mines and Petroleum staff on its use; assessment of environmental, socioeconomic, and non-monetary impacts; review of other countries' experiences with gas supply chain development including compressed natural gas (CNG) sector; and formulation of an Afghanistan Gas Sector Master Plan and Implementation Strategy (with sequencing of priority investment projects).Speaking at a workshop on Tuesday, Minister of Mines and Petroleum Daud Shah Sabah said the master plan is important for the gas sector in the country and that it will pave the ground for further investments in Afghanistan."The master plan has been initiated with $1.7 million USD funded by Asian Development Bank, the U.S and German development organizations which took two years to prepare it," he said."The master plan will be implemented up to the end of 2035," he added.He said the recognized gas reservoirs in Afghan-Tajik and Oxus River areas has been estimated at 74 million cubic meters of natural gas and that using of the resources is vital for the country.He added: "The draft will be sent to the Economic High Council next week and if the council approves it, it will be a master plan for Afghanistan's gas sector."Meanwhile, a number of senators welcomed the move by the Afghan government."Economic challenges will reduce once the project is implemented and we welcome the initiative by the Afghan government," said Senator Lailuma Ahmadi.