Tue, Oct

Meeting chaired by Ghani approves 2 economic drafts



Two economic drafts were approved by the High Council for Economic Affairs that met under President Ashraf Ghani chairmanship on Sunday, the president’s office said.

The two economic drafts regarding the establishment of a workforce department and the development of Barikab Open Economic Zone were endorsed at Sunday’s meeting, the president’s office said in a statement.President Ghani said a joint team consisted of different sectors should fix a reasonable price for the land to become a source of revenue for the government in addition to encouraging the private sectorAssessment would also take place to identify needs like water and electricity in the economic zone of Kabul, the president said in the statement.They would mainly focus on motivation of the private sector to invest in the project, the president said, adding with more economic activities, there would be more working opportunities for people.“We evaluate working capabilities of the private sector and the workforce department would focus on filling incompetency gaps of the private sector,” he said.The president insisted on preparing a draft regarding work capability, priorities and work areas of the workforce department.He said the Ministry of Defence engineering battalion should be linked with the workforce department. The retired and laid off security and defence officials should be recruited to work in the workforce department.It was also decided in the meeting that the workforce department should also be used for cleaning Kabul City after every three months.The export of fresh and dried fruits through airports of Afghanistaninfo-icon was also discussed at the meeting and it was decided that the private sector should be talked with regarding their export capacity.On facilities for fruit exports, the terminal specified for pilgrims at the Kabul airport should be allocated for exports of fruit when Haj season was off.