Mon, Sep

UK Offers Support To Afghan Peace Talks



Britain considers peace in Afghanistan as critical for peace in the region and around the world.

British ambassador to Kabul, Dominic Jermey, in an exclusive interview with TOLOnews, said that London supports Afghanistan's peace talks.He, however, terms support of the regional countries, including Russia, as important to bring enduring peace to Afghanistan.To support Afghan peace talks, Jermey said they could engage with other regional countries, Pakistan in particular, Iran and possibly India.He reiterated Britain's continued support for Afghan security forces."We are working to help and support this government and its security forces to help train them and help develop them so that they can defend their country and defend ordinary Afghans against these dangerous people," he said.Jermey said that the situation in Afghanistan is improving, adding that the situation in the country will take time to stabilize.