Wed, Oct

Former British Ambassador Praises Afghan Cricket Team


Former British Ambassador to Kabul Richard Stagg on Wednesday praised Afghanistan's recent cricket victory against Zimbabwe in the World Cup T20 and called it an important lesson for the political world.

Stagg said that sport brings joy to the people in the current situation in Afghanistan.

"I think it is an important lesson for the political world. If your political leaders want to achieve the most they need to find ways to work together effectively and emulate that team's spirit which your cricket shows so remarkably," said Stagg.

Meanwhile Afghan Connection, an aid organization that helped the Afghan cricket team, believes that sport brings hope to the people.

"There are so many young people in Afghanistan – I think over half of the population is under the age of 18. They need to have something to keep them inspired. The Afghan team has really inspired them if they can go out to the streets and play cricket to bring them together, bring them hope, and bring them joy and they can start to dream that their lives can turn out like this with the Afghan cricket team, so I think it is a huge force for the peace in the country," said Sarah Finn head of Afghan Connection.

The Afghan national cricket team recently defeated Zimbabwe cricket in a T20 World Cup match and will go through to the Super 10s. They play Sri Lanka on Thursday.