Wed, Oct

Afghan Air Force Increases Air Strikes


afg-airforce-helicoptersOfficials said Sunday the Afghan Air Force has increased its air attacks in a bid to suppress militants and increase effectiveness of military operations in many parts of the country.

TOLOnews reporter Abdul Wali Arian, who visited an air force base in Kabul, said there were very few planes at the base as most of them were out conducting air raids against insurgents in various parts of Afghanistan.
"We join night operations, besides day operations and we will eliminate terrorists," said one air force pilot, Mohammad Ayan.
It is believed that air raids have played a vital role in tackling Taliban and Daesh rebels in Helmand and Nangarhar provinces.
Another military pilot, Habibullah Mahmoudi, said: "We are ready for any kind of operation. We conduct flights during the day and we are preparing for night operations.

We are ready to give any kind of help to the ground military operations."
Meanwhile, an Air Force commander, Sayed Sulaiman Shah, said: "We have not reached that level yet to launch air strikes all over Afghanistan but we are ready to defend the country."
The Afghan Air Force is reportedly faced with a lack of equipment along with other challenges but despite this they have played a sound role in defeating militants on the battle fields.