Sat, Oct

Serving the Nation, a religious obligation


Ulema-support-ANA"By serving in the Afghan National Army (ANA), you are fulfilling your religious duty," a group of religious scholars in their visit to the Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC) told the ANA graduates.

The religious scholars praised the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) including the ANA for defending the country and protecting the people of Afghanistan from the enemies of peace. More than ten thousand officers and soldiers including the high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) welcomed the religious scholars at the KMTC where they observed the ANA training sessions and classroom teachings.

In a speech to the gathering, the head of Kabul Ulema Council, Mawlawi Abdul Basir Haqqani said that they support the ANA who are fighting in agreement with the Islamic principles to protect the people of an Islamic nation. "Afghan National Army is a legitimate and Muslim army fighting for our national pride to defeat the enemies of Afghanistan."

"Today we observed the training process here at KMTC and happily found our soldiers have a very high morale," Mawlawi Haqqani added.

"Their confidence is based on their Islamic faith, and I encourage all our ANA to maintain the same spirit in the battlefield fighting against the enemies of peace."

Islamic teachings dictate that a government is obligated to protect its citizens and the people to obey and support their government.

Mawlawi Haqqani told Sada-e Azadi that Ulema in Afghanistan understood and approved that the ANDSF as the forces of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is providing and maintaining peace and stability for the people of this country. "We, the Ulema, declare that it is the duty of every Afghan to support the ANDSF," he said.

While the ANDSF are fulfilling their religious and moral duties, the enemies of peace are trying to inflict misery on people by disrupting their normal life, destroying properties and killing innocents.

Mawlawi Fazil-Karim Seraji, the General Director of Kabul Mosques at the Ministry Hajj and Religious Affairs who was also present at KMTC visit, urged the ANDSF always to stay united and never let the enemies of peace to harm the innocent people of Afghanistan in the name of Islam. "Today I am proud to be among the brave Afghan officers and soldiers who fight for peace," Mawlawi Seraji said.

He added, "You are wearing the ANA uniform to protect the people; you're fighting in Kunduz, Helmand, Badakhshan and other provinces to defeat the insurgents and keep peace and stability in our villages and areas.

We appreciate your efforts and sacrifices."

General Laljan Zahir Wardak, the Commander of KMTC, thanked all the religious scholars for visiting the KMTC and said, "Ulema's support will boost the morale of our ANA soldiers who are proudly standing under the banner of ‘God, Country, Duty'."