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Coming Soon To Afghanistan: Pepsi Products



Afghanistan Beverage Industries Limited – a mineral water company in the country – signed an agreement with Pepsi Company to introduce its products in Afghanistan.

pepsiagreementThe signing ceremony was held in Dubai where officials from the Afghan Consulate in Dubai, a number of Afghan businessmen, officials from Afghanistan Beverage Industries and Pepsi Company participated.The participants at the event welcomed the move by the two companies and said it will help strengthen investment and job markets in Afghanistan."This contribution is not only important for Pepsi but for Afghanistan as well. Pepsi wants to have cooperation with important countries in the world; therefore, we decided to collaborate with a leading mineral water company in Afghanistan," said an official from Pepsi company.Nemat, an official from the Afghan firm, meanwhile, said: "The agreement provides job opportunities to at least 500 individuals, and indirectly, it creates jobs for almost 2,000 families."Meanwhile, officials from the Afghan Consulate in Dubai said that considering the current station in Afghanistan, the investment would be crucial for the country."We will continue our cooperation and support to them [Afghan investors]. The agreement is crucial for the current situation in Afghanistan," said Abdul Samad, an official from the Afghan consulate office in Dubai.Talking on the issue, head of Afghan Businessmen's Union in Dubai, Obaidullah Sadarkhail, said: "The agreement is very important for Afghanistan and the Afghan people as it will create job opportunities for them."