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The Afghan Defense and Security Forces independently defend the country


ana-patrol2The Afghan National Army (ANA) has witnessed ample capacity development since it was established newly. To date, the ANA has the ability of conducting combat operations to topple down the armed oppositions all over the country.

In the current times ANA, despite the shortages in air support, artillery and engineering, is capable of planning and executing fifteen to twenty combat operations in twenty-four hours. The terrorists aimed to take eight provinces and sixty districts out of the control of governmental rule of law; however the ANA, not only foiled their plans, but also have beaten them down hardly in east, south and north of the country.

The expert cadres with immense skills and competences have been deployed and the MoD has the accurate evaluation of the quantity and quality of the security forces.

Special Forces (Commandos) of ANA own remarkable capacity and ability in chasing and elimination of the specific targets in the heart of the enemy in their night raids.

The Afghan ministry of defence, in order to deploy the armed forces in the operations, has created a National Operation Center called “Nasrat” in order to coordinate security measures with other components of the security sector and, thus, the MoD, not only supervises the combat activities of the Afghan security forces but also utilizes this Centre for effectively managing of the forces.

The ANA, also have set the most advanced financial system for compensation of salaries and benefits of the soldiers, officers and sergeants. And all the ANA officers receive their benefits through the bank accounts. In the current year, the MoD procurement departments had more achievements in terms of capacity and transparent professional talents.

The striking and offensive operations, by the name of “Shafaq” have started in the New Year and the nation has witnessed its remarkable gains.

Afghan National Army assures the afflicted people of the country that ANA is ready to make every kind of sacrifice for defending the honor and interests of the country and will not allow the enemies of the country to achieve their evil causes.