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Movie Premieres In Balkh In Support Of Security Forces


moviemazarstoryActors and film makers have called on the public to stand by the troops after they premiered a movie, made to support security forces, in northern Balkh province this weekend.

The movie, called Akhereen Negah, was produced by Afghan Film's provincial department.

Actors and film makers in Balkh urged government to help them develop the industry.

Attending the event were film makers, actors and local security officials.

Police Commander of 707th Pamir Zone, General Baba Jan, said that the movie industry has seen tremendous growth recently.

"You remember that 15 years ago the Taliban had created terror everywhere that they hung cassettes, cassette players and televisions in every square and even on power lines as a lesson for people (not to use them), so that people will come towards art. They were more concerned about your activities, rather than security forces. It was a great blow to the Taliban, because you artists were the ones who took pictures of their crimes and brutality and show them to people," Baba Jan added.

Film makers and actors lent their support to security forces and urged Afghans to support Afghan forces.

"Through the launch of this move, we lent our support to security forces, we urge people of Afghanistan to support their security forces so that war will end in Afghanistan," said Wahida, an artist.