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Kabul To Draft New Counter-Narcotics Plan


MoFa-draftThe ministry of foreign affairs (MoFA) said on Tuesday it is devising a new plan to fight drugs and attract regional cooperation in this regard.

Officials at MoFA said that they have taken advice from regional experts regarding the problem and will soon devise a specific plan.

Kabul on Tuesday hosted a regional academic session to explore ways to tackle drug addiction.

"I hope that by using these summits, we will create a proper mechanism on a regional level to be effective in the fight against narcotics," said Amir Ramin, the director general for regional cooperation at MoFA.

"All these discussions are being collected and are then being put on the table at the [upcoming] Turkey summit and it is very important for Afghanistan in the fight against drugs," said Jawed Ahmad Qayem, the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A number of regional analysts shared their views regarding the fight against the scourge and said that the entire world needs to help with this problem.

They expressed their deep concerns about the increase in drug addiction around the world.

"But the worst abuse is among young people and is affecting the present and the future of society," said the first secretary of the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan.

He said many start using drugs at the age of 15 to 16.

"Specific and dangerous groups are involved in trafficking and production of drugs that have resulted in all these problems," Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, an Iranian counter-narcotics official said.

Meanwhile, a number of other analysts believe that a large percentage of the local drug money winds up in the hands of terrorist organizations.

A representative of the Turkish Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Mostafa Najmi Ilhan, said that international reports indicate that organized criminals and terrorists are involved in drug trafficking.

"We, Central Asia, have paid a heavy price for this drug trafficking thing. The second point that I would like to make is that we made some progress too, we learned some lessons," said Alisher Khamidov, an expert on Central Asia and Russia.

The Afghan government seeks support from regional countries in the fight against narcotics at a time that a large amount of drugs produced in Afghanistan are transferred to global markets through neighboring countries.