Tue, Sep

Anticorruption, women’s rights debated at UN-backed regional conference


To strengthen women’s rights and improve anticorruption initiatives, dozens of government officials gathered at the annual UNAMA-supported justice conference in the capital of Afghanistan’s northern Balkh province.

Attended by nearly one hundred court officials, lawyers and police officers from five provinces across the northern region (Faryab, Jawzjan, Sar-e Pul, Samangan, and Balkh), the event focused on anticorruption strategies and improving access to justice for women.
“There are serious allegations of corruption at every level in the Afghan government system,” said a Balkh judge, Mohammad Najeem. In July this year, he noted, President Ghani signed a decree establishing an independent Anti-Corruption Justice Centre in Kabul.
To help the Centre function effectively, event participants called to establish a robust witness-protection framework that will not only protect potential witness but also encourage whistle blowers and the general public to report corruption cases.
On access to justice for women, participants discussed recent cases of human rights violations against women, and ongoing issues that deprive them of adequate education and healthcare. Participants called for improvement of security in these areas and an increase in the number of women serving in justice institutions.