Wed, Oct

Inauguration of Afghan Women Diplomat Association in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Afghan Women Diplomat Association was inaugurated with the initiation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday afternoon in the Ministry.

The participants of this ceremony consisted H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Chief Executive of the Afghan Government, Salahuddin Rabbani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Rola Ghani the First Lady, National Assembly member, Ambassadors, and International Organizations Delegation.
Dr. Abdullah counted the establishment of the Afghan Women Diplomat Association as a positive, effective, and great step towards strengthening the diplomatic apparatus of the country and further contribution of the educated Afghan women, and promised that the Afghan Unity Government will put efforts to further support and highlight the Afghan women role.
Mr. Rabbani, while pointing out to the active presence of the women in the foreign policy apparatus of the country, stated that: “The benefit of the strengthening of women’s role in the foreign policy apparatus of the country is to utilize the valuable human power of women in the society, as well as more credibility would be given to the Afghanistan’s international position in the international community and international system”.
Later on, Mrs. Ghani besides mentioning the achievements and progress of the Afghan women in various areas during the last fifteen years, counted the Afghan women as courageous, and expressed hope that the Afghan women would also play their important and active role in foreign policy and diplomatic area as well.
The Finnish Ambassador to Kabul, Ms. Anne Meskanen, on behalf of the Ambassadors and International Organizations in Kabul, asked the Afghan government, to consider gender equality in their human resource management policies, and implement the pledges given in this regard.