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Capital Zone’s 10-year strategy discussed


A meeting of some related organs, with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair met at the presidential palace to talk on the capital zone’s ten year strategy, a statement from the Presidential Press Office said the other day.

Engineer Ilham Omar Hotaki and technical partners provided the meeting with ten year strategy of the capital zone, including introducing the capital zone, surrounding areas, insights, targets, balanced development, city balanced development, creation of economic activities, improvement, revitalization and rising the capacity of unplanned areas and development of basic infrastructures, said the statement.
Participants asked for prevention of task interference and observing full coordination among the stakeholder organs, as they said high capacity have been restored in the city sector, said the statement. High tonnage laden trucks commutation in the Kabul city had been discussed destroying roads and one of the members of the meeting said for establishment of secure stocks in the Kabul gates to prevent destruction of the roads.
Praising arrangement of the strategy by the Capital Zone’s in-charges, President Ghani said considerable capacity and coordination was created in the past two years for the city sector and asked for completion of the projects underway to create further momentum in cooperation and coordination with the related city sector in charges.
The president believed Kabul’s insecurity, the reason of being adjacent to some provinces and districts and said they (the nearby districts and provinces) should be paid attention in term of development projects implementation, as he said Kabul lacked enough sources and would remain unsafe in term of population and security, unless development programs were applied in the said areas.
 President Ghani asked for holding regular meetings to increase in the works speed among the sectorial administrations and entities and work of any organs should be specified to help distinguish function of any stakeholder units, the statement continued. “Speed of progress in term of development should be specified as in light of security, there was a clear picture available for the next three years,” said the president adding Kabul enjoyed wide lands, but needed management and that private sector’s cooperation should be drawn to jointly work in development and city infrastructures. He instructed the city sector in-charges to secure contacts with the provincial governors and mayors on Kabul situation importance and on how coordination could be helped restore.
The president said distance between Kabul and the provinces should be removed, economic dynamism should be restored through implementation of balanced development and further to help the people feel no need to leave for Kabul. The president said in term of infrastructures, a foundation should be set with no change need in the future, but should further be developed and that more recreational sites and green areas should be considered in the future. According to another report, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended the meeting of the Kabul Municipality Strategy, in which he thanked the Kabul Municipality working team of providing the strategy. He said the Kabul Municipality should work on what was important to bring change and where it should be started, and that what the specific achievements in this scope were. The president after hearing reports from the key participants of the meeting held at the presidential palace said required capacities should be specified in the Kabul municipality administration and asked it for specifying exact laws required to be reviewed, as he said the previous laws have been correspondent to the current needs. According to the statement, the president said students should be asked for consultation and the people viewpoints should be respected, when the plans are being implemented, and that the sponsors and the government institutions should be assessed that based on which needs which works are being done in this field. Related to the road opposite to the Kabul main money exchanging site, the president said the money exchangers union have been ready to build it in cooperation with the Kabul municipality officials, said the statement quoting the president instructing the municipality related team to carry out the issue in cooperation with the union. To conclude with, the president said at least 6 hours a week should be assigned for talks on the Kabul’s key issues, which should be shared with the people after discussion with the government administrations.